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Why Baden

Baden Continuation School is designed to offer a viable alternative to traditional high school instructional settings and is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
Students who are uncomfortable in large classroom settings or whose learning style, personality, needs, or interests have gone unmet within the framework of a comprehensive high school program may respond well to the individualized instruction and smaller, personalized education that occurs at Baden.

High School versus Continuation School

  Traditional High School
Baden Continuation School
Academic Content
Specific amount covered
in given time
Pupils progress at own rate
Educational Credits Earned on a semester basis
Earned upon completion of proficiency requirements
Measurement of
Academic Progress
One (1) academic year =
Two (2) semesters 
Dependent on student's rate of learning, motivation, and accomplishment
Promotion Criteria
End of school semester
Anytime during school year
Teaching Method Group instruction: teacher as dispenser of information Individualized instruction based
on diagnosis and prescription


Any student of South San Francisco Unified School District (SSFUSD) between 16 and 18 years of age who has not yet completed their high school education is eligible for enrollment at Baden.
Students typically enroll at Baden via a voluntary or involuntary transfer.

Voluntary Transfer

Parents should contact the assistant principal at their student's current high school to obtain a referral to Baden.
Most students who arrive at Baden through this method generally stay for the remainder of their high school career.

Involuntary Transfer

Students who are academically deficient or who are in violation of their high school's attendance policy or whose educational needs may be better served in an alternative setting may also be referred to Baden.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation from Baden Continuation School requires 180 credits in the following subjects.

Subject Credits Time Frame
English 40 4 years
Economics 5 ½ year 
Fine Arts 10 1 year
Government 5 ½ year
Health and Safety 5 ½ year
Life Science 10  1 year
Mathematics* 20 2 years
Physical Education (sports) 20 2 years
Physical Science 10 1 year 
U.S. History 10 1 year 
World History 10 1 year
Electives** 35  4 years
Graduation from traditional high schools such as El Camino High School (ECHS) and South San Francisco High School (SSFHS) requires 220 credits. 
*The math requirement includes the successful completion of one (1) year of algebra or its equivalent with a passing grade.
**Work experience or additional community service may be substituted for elective credit.

Additional Educational Opportunities

Baden also offers the following educational options for its students.

Concurrent Enrollment

Students in good academic standing may enroll concurrently in a community college to receive academic credit. These classes may not substitute a class offered at the high school. Contact a school counselor for more information.

Work Experience

Students working a part-time job may enroll in the Work Experience Program to receive elective credits. A work permit is required for all students under 18 years of age. Contact a work experience coordinator for more information.

Community Service

Baden requires the completion of 15 hours of community service during the senior year of high school.
Additional academic credit may be earned for any hours of service performed beyond this threshold.
Contact a school counselor for more information. 

Adult School

Students with senior status may enroll in the adult high school program in the evenings to make up classes or repeat a previously attempted class. Contact a school counselor for more information.